Advisory Board

The Gladstone Mayor and City council established and appointed a five member Advisory Board in 2004 to oversee this community based organization. Founders Van and Susie Ibsen participated as non-voting members until 2014 when they decided to retire from the Gladstone Theatre in the Park program.  Even though they are not active members, they still support GTIP by being a sponsor and providing rehearsal space.

The currently appointed Gladstone Theatre in the Park Advisory Council:
Chelsea Rhodes – Chair Person
Tom Barton
Brett Buffum
Juliana Johnson
Carrie Long-Emmons

In addition to these five members, Gladstone city employees Justin Merkey, Director of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts, and Shelly Hersh, Recreation Supervisor, serve on this board as non-voting members. And Artistic Director Danielle Trebus attends each meeting.

Former members of the advisory board:
Jenny Kessler (2004-2010)
Michelle Coon (2004-2013)
Becky Clark (2004-2016)
Julie Crawford (2004-2017)
Lenette Johnson (2004-2017)
Teresa Farley (2011-2020)
Carolyn Meyer (2017)