The Gladstone Mayor and City council established and appointed a five member Advisory Board in 2004 to oversee this community based organization. Founders Van and Susie Ibsen participated as non-voting members until 2014 when they decided to retire from the Gladstone Theatre in the Park program.  Even though they are not active members, they still support GTIP by being a sponsor and providing rehearsal space.

Current Board Members:

Left to right: Sarah Burgen, Juliana Johnson, Tom Barton (chair), Amber Affleck, Carrie Emmons

In addition to these members, Gladstone city employees Justin Merkey, Director of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts, and Shelly Hersh, Recreation Supervisor, and Artistic Director Danielle Trebus serve on this board as non-voting members.

Former members of the advisory board:
Jenny Kessler (2004-2010)
Michelle Coon (2004-2013)
Becky Clark (2004-2016)
Julie Crawford (2004-2017)
Lenette Johnson (2004-2017)
Carolyn Meyer (2017)
Teresa Farley (2011-2020)
Chelsea Rhodes (2014-2022)
Brett Buffum (2020-2022)



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