June 28-30

Congratulations to the cast of “Fiddler on the Roof”!  If you are listed on this page you should receive an email from gladstonetheatreinthepark.com very soon.  If you have not received this email by Thursday, March 21, at 8:00 PM, please check you spam mailbox; if it is not there please contact us by email.

TEVYE                                   David Stelting

GOLDE                                  Michelle Amos

YENTE                                   Alma Fusco

LAZAR WOLF                      Cameron Carlson

TZEITEL                                Victoria Zackert

MOTEL                                  Gabriel Willmoth

HODEL                                  Laura Jacob

PERCHIK                             Drew Chamberlin

CHAVA                                  Ava Brown

FYEDKA                                Wesley Hubler

SHPRINTZE                        Madilayna Boyer

BIELKE                            Isabella Fugazzotto

CONSTABLE                         Chris Robbins

RABBI                                    Kevin Barnes

MENDEL                                Zack Isbell

MORDCHA                            Kevin Keltner

AVRAM                                  Chris Cobbett

GRANDMA TZEITEL          Lon Burke

FRUMA-SARAH                    Amber Affleck

NACHUM                               Daniel Fowler

YUSSEL                                  Lukas Pierce

SHAINDEL                            Jerusha Staggs

SASHA                                 Jaxon Drummond

BORIS                                    Nathan Hummell

THE FIDDLER                      Ella Coon


Marlena Blackwell, Sarah Burgen, Kyra Charles, Carrie Emmons, Juliana Johnson, Lenette Johnson, Carlie Kent, Gail Krause, Kelly LaBruzzo, Jessica Lin, Wanda Morris, Valerie Ruggle, Denise Weigand


Matthew Elifrits, Michael Gardner, Ryan Kuhnert, Chad Swofford, Alvin Thoden, Benjamin Walter


Evelyn Baker, Emily Breeze, Cecilia Bryant, Susanna Cobbett, Annalyn Cooper, Siobhan Davis, Cecily Fowler, Lillian Gaither, Anna Gavin, Ella Gosch, Brooklyn Green, Bristol Groves, Vivian Hewins, Isabell Krause, Maryanne McNally, Kayla Pointer, Katherine Robbins, Olive Robinson, Sabra Staggs, Lulu Swofford, Cora Taylor, Esther Taylor, Isabella Young


Abel Affleck, Jacob Elifrits, Parker Geniuk, Dominic Hughes, Zander Letsch, Daniel Mackenzie, Matthew McCall, Patrick McWilliams, Joseph Potratz, Isaac Swofford, Parker Welters

Rehearsal calendar:

We are so excited to announce that the director for Fiddler on the Roof is Antioch Middle School theatre teacher Justen Willhite!

Rounding out the production team are:

-Maddie Jenkins, vocal music director
-Sophie Yancey, choreographer
-Katie Waterman, stage manager
-Sandi Meo-Hall, accompanist
-Teresa Farley, conductor
-Denise Whelan, lightning designer
-MJH Media Group LLC, sound designers

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