Li’l Abner

August 12-14, 2022

Cast List

Li’l Abner—Jake Kiefer

Daisy Mae—Madeleine Rodriguez

Mammy Yokum—Carol Comer

Pappy Yokum—Kyle Anderson

Marryin’ Sam—Brett Buffum

General Bullmoose—Aaron Hoffman

Dr. Finsdale/Ensemble—Drew Jones

Dr. Smithborn/Ensemble—Lon Burke

Dr. Krogmeyer/Ensemble—Marlena Blackwell

Dr. Schleifitz/Ensemble—Claire Puckett

Stupefyin’ Jones/Wife Dee Dee—Erica Bach

Romeo Scragg—Cole Bracken

Clem Scragg—Nicholas Crawford

Alf Scragg—Dominic Jimenez

Phineas T. Scragg—Drew Chamberlain

Bubba Scragg—Jonas Beckham

Earthquake McGoon—Matt Elifrits

Lonesome Polecat/Husband Cy—Justen Willhite

Hairless Joe/Husband Hank/President—Chris Robbins

Moonbeam McSwine—Jennifer Abate

Mayor Dan’l Dawgmeat/Husband Zeke—Kevin Keltner

Senator Jack S. Phogbound—Mike Brown

Available Jones/Ensemble—Patrick McWilliams

Appassionata Von Climax—Carrie Blazer

Scarlett/Ensemble—Lily Miquelon

Speedy McRabbit/Ensemble—Parker Geniuk

Evil Eye Fleagle—Camden Boomershine

Wife Carmen/Ensemble—Hailei Baker

Wife Pat/Ensemble—Liz Wolberg

Wife Lillian/Ensemble—Jeanne Marx

Wife Bonnie/Ensemble—McKenna Dubes

Wife Hope/Ensemble—Lauren Crenshaw

State Dept. Man/ Secretary #2/Husband Clem—Titus Kelso Weikal

Secretary #1/Ensemble—Lily John

Secretary #3/Policeman/Ensemble—Langston Adamson

Secretary #4/Maid/Ensemble—Cadence Campbell

Government Man/Secretary #2/Ensemble—Skyler Weaver

Dogpatch Ensemble: Abby Wolberg, Sophie Middleton, Kristi Hibschman, Esther Taylor, Ella LaDue, Sarah Bergen, Mikayla Gandara, Helen Barron, Ann Eddy

TBD—Colonel, Government Man, Husband Luke, Husband Rufe


Production Team

Director – Nino Casisi

Choreographer – Anna Leigh Nissin

Vocal Music Director – Sean Connors

Stage Manager – Tessie Kempf

Conductor – Erin Buffum



It’s a typical day in wretched and picturesque Dogpatch, USA, and the local yokels are up to their usual tricks: brewing moonshine, cuddling pigs, and collecting unemployment. Beautiful Daisy Mae is pining after strong handsome Li’l Abner, an unsentimental youth who escapes her pursuit to go fishing. But when Dogpatch is chosen for an atomic test site, and Daisy Mae is claimed in marriage by dirty wrestler Earthquake McGoon, Li’l Abner has to step up and fight for the things he doesn’t know he loves. Guided and guarded by traveling preacher Marryin’ Sam, Li’l Abner travels to Washington, DC, where he tangles with a gaggle of goofy scientists, unscrupulous capitalist General Bullmoose, and scheming minx Appassionata Von Climax. Experience the suspense of a Cornpone Meeting, the romantic free-for-all that is the Sadie Hawkins Day race–where the girls put on their running shoes to catch themselves a groom–and the shenanigans that ensue when a snooty Washington, DC, engagement party is invaded by Hillbillies. Based on Andy Capp’s beloved comic strip, with clever book by Norman Panama and Melvin Frank, and catchy score by Johnny Mercer and Gene de Paul, Li’l Abner is a rousing, bombastic, tuneful American musical, which is equal parts slapstick comedy, knowing government satire, and tale of young love.