August 2-4

8:30 pm

Gladstone Amphitheater at Oak Grove Park

Congratulations to the cast of “Something Rotten”!

Nick Bottom               Areeb Lodhi
Nigel Bottom              Nathan Middleton
Portia                           Katie Kaminski
Bea                                Martha Allen

Shakespeare                Bryan Davis
Nostradamus               Casey Huff
Brother Jeremiah        Sean Carder
Shylock                          Kristi Hibschman
Lady Clapham*            Maddy Phillip

Peter Quince               Alex Kaljumaa
Snug                            Andrew Letsch

Robin                          Drew Jones
Tom Snout                  Tyler Huntington
Francis Flute               Matthew Webb

Camden Boomershine

Bard Boys*
Langston Adamson, Ethan Knust, Aidan Lindsey

Adeana Carr, Arabella Flanagan, Arwen Dickson, Carrie Stephen, Ellie Eisele, Emily Bridges, Emma Kitelinger, Eva Mandujano Gil, Isabella Morgan, Jennifer Abate, Katie Marshall, Katie Speckman, Kaylen King, Levi O’Mara, Lyndall Barber, Lynnaya McClure, Mackenzi Mason, Maggie McNally, McKenna Dubes, Melissa Wolfe, Nicholas Kledis, Nicki Morrow, Paige Jackson, Riley McConnell, Rory Matthews, Sara Bryant, Taylor Williams

*Actors will likely play multiple roles, which may include: Soloists; Featured Speaking Roles; Featured Dancers; Acting Troupe; Puritans; Townspeople; Chorus

Rehearsal calendar:

We are so excited to announce our director for Something Rotten is GTIP alum Brett Buffum! Brett brings with him a wealth of acting and directing experience and an incredible vision for this production.

Completing the dream team for Something Rotten are:

-Erin Buffum, vocal music director
-Sarah Bezek, choreographer
-Tessie Kempf, stage manager
-Ted Horowitz, accompanist
-Angela Roath, conductor
-Gabby Ferro, lighting designer
-MJH Media Group LLC, sound designers


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